Are Some People Just Lucky?

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Johnny Smith is a fourth grade student at JJ Elementary School. It’s his worst day of the year: report card day! Trying to hide his fears, he hands with trembled hands his report card over to Daddy Smith to sign: “dad, I fail 3 courses, but please don’t blame me, it’s not my fault. I was just unlucky.”

To Johnny’s pleasant surprise, Daddy Smith sympathetically smiles and says “Aww, son, don’t worry, daddy fully understands. There’s nothing you could have done about it and you don’t need to change. Next time, maybe you’ll be luckier.”

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How stupid does this story sound to you? Would you ever say something like that to your child?

Before you so quickly scream “of course not”, let’s dive deeper.

Look at the people around you and listen. If you’re like me, you hear a lot of people complaining how they lack opportunities. They say that the reason they aren’t rich isn’t because they don’t work hard or don’t take initiatives, but somehow they just aren’t as lucky as a selected few. It’s not their fault, it’s luck.

Isn’t that almost exactly what Johnny Smith said, but just by an older person?

We adults blame luck on why we aren’t this or why we aren’t that, all the time. It’s complete bullshit. If you want proof, look on Forbes or in the biographies section of your library, do you find a single person whom was tweeting MySpace and Facebook along with having online arguments when all of a sudden, out of nowhere….

So stop blaming luck.  The reason you are not rich is you, not luck. Get off your butt. 🙂


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