Business Cards Tricks

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A big company’s business cards are meant to put you to sleep. On a multi-colored sheet of glossy paper, John Smith, Vice President of Sales, and IBM are written in miniature letters. This card can suddenly be used by Jay Levinson, Senior Vice President of Finance, at HP with just a few easy and quick changes.

Why, with the innumerable of creative geniuses working at the Big Blue could they produce something so bland? Is that how business cards are supposed to be? Certainly not!

The reason is simple: big guys can’t be creative because they’re afraid. They fear creating anything less boring will “damage their brand” and look unprofessional.

While probably unjustified, IBM has enough resources to survive a few dumb mistakes here and there; IBM wastes more on paperclips than you spend on marketing. As a small business owner, you can’t afford not to get creative to stand out. And turning your little business cards into a creative marketing tool doesn’t have to cost you a dime more than if you didn’t.

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All you have to do is think a bit. Simple marketing messages behind or in front of car can send additional business. Even a single additional customer is a large return for such a small (non-existent?) investment.

Consider the following ideas:

1) Do you deal with children? Why not make business cards shaped like teddy bears?

When I look for a paediatrician for my baby, which card do you think I’d notice: the one shaped like a bear or the normal one with the most expensive logo?

2) Almost all business cards from restaurateurs I know look like corporate cards. Why not shape your business like a dish, and give anyone whom carries this business card into your restaurant a free drink that cost you ten cent to make?

3) Are you a consultant? Include on the back of your business cards testimonials from your clients. Make then as specific as possible. Even better, include a picture of your clients and direct people to your website to see more. Sell this to your clients saying that they can themselves get clients from this message.

4) Consider turning your business card into a frequency marketing program. We had the technology to this before the invention of the radio. Try this even if you aren’t in retail.


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