Does A Single Earthling Lack Ambition?

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“You’re the most ambitious person I’ve ever seen”

Anyone whom hears this is usually overjoyed, especially is their accomplishments so far are pretty modest. It’s a fine and nice thing to say but…

Honestly, does a single earthling lack ambition?

I’m not sure I know a single person that lacks it. I don’t know a single fat person that would rather be fat than fit. I don’t a single person that wouldn’t  want 1 million dollars for free.  Ask a group of student what grade they would like  to have and all of them will say “A” (maybe A+ is too arrogant or will draw suspicision).

Ask a labourer or a call center employee what their dream is and I’m sure you won’t hear the words “labour” or “call center”.

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Everyone wants a lot of great things to happen. Ambition is as abundant as air and water.

What is missing is initiative. So you want to become a millionaire?

Alright, are you:

1) Willing to fail publicly and catastrophically

2) Willing to put up with people scoffing at you (sometimes loved one) when your initial high jump falls embarrassingly short of the bar.

If you are like most people and drank the truth serum I offered you, you will say “No, I’m not willing to try and pay the price. I may want to be rich and I am not willing to work so many hours and I want to be able to blame someone for my mistakes. But someday, I feel the timing will be perfect and I will have the perfect no fail opportunity.”

It’s okay if you think like this, just don’t be disappointed if the opportunity never comes.

We’re not missing ambition in the world.

Almost everyone waits for things to happen to them. Why do people do this? I’m not sure; I won’t pretend I know the answer.

Till next time. Ciao.


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