Hang Up!

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“Hi, my name is Jon Smith. I’m calling from Cold Calling Inc. We have a free special software program sample available for companies like yours …hello, hello hello….?” (I wonder why he was “ducking a soul).

Sounds familiar? Evoke (good?!) memories?

Yep, you’re not alone, that’s how much I usually get out of my mouth before someone slams the phone on me too.

Is it a wonder that telephone marketing firms have one of the highest employee turnover rates in the world? And they’re competing with places like McDonalds, Harvey’s and Burger King.

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I know many people won’t like this tactic, but here’s how I maintain my dignity.

Whenever I do a cold call nowadays, at first all I say is (very politely)“Can I please speak to the person that deals with computer security?”

I pay attention to any signs of grunts or anger and should I detect any, I do what they’d love to do: I hang up on them.

That’s right: I hang up on them before they get a chance to hang up on me!

When I’m asked questions, I then offer my company name and the special I’m offering. And thank them for being so polite.

I’m not kidding with you. You’re a human being that needs dignity. You’re an honest person working for an honest wage to feed your family, not some slime ball whom frets money on strippers and drugs. Why let someone vent their anger on you for free?

This practice is incredible empowering. I used to thank people no matter how rude they yelled at me, and that sapped my energy like a hungry vampire.

Cold calling is already gruelling and tough; it’s non human to deal with this typhoon of rejections. Don’t let grumpy people without basic manners yell at you for fun.

Slam the phone on them first.

This also has the positive effect of decreasing the duration of your calls. You get to reach more people because you aren’t giving your long pitch to people that don’t want it.

You will end the day you will feel more energize. How does that person whom thinks their boss feel when they get a taste of their own medicine? How do you like it when someone hangs up on you like that?

I know many will disagree with me, so express your praise or distaste below.


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