Puck In Sunny Beaches

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I have a friend: let’s call him “Jim”.

Jim was driving by a small town one day and he felt his stomach alerting him that he should eat dinner. So he parked his car in the nearby parking lot to get some food to eat. He went to the closest burger place to buy dinner.

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As he entered the place, he noticed that all the employees looked so depressed that they might as well being holding picketing signs saying “go away, go away, you’re taking up my time and I want to go home”. He looked for the shortest line, and found it lorded by a fat man in the middle. When it was his turn, he ask politely “can I please get a cheeseburger and a medium Coca Cola please?”

“You got to speak up, I’m hearing impaired!” The fat man yelled back.

“CAN I PLEASE GET A CHEESEBURGER AND A MEDIUM COCA COLA PLEASE”, Jim yelled this time on top of his lungs.

The fat man, muttering something that sounded like “puck in sunny beaches”, eventually finds a burger and shoved it at Jim and said “$5.25”.

“Here’s $10”, Jim said as he handed him bill over. The fat man fumbled around clumsily (and repeated saying “lit”, “hit” and “pit”) in his drawer and gave Jim his change.

As Jim counted the change, he noticed the over sized gentleman had given him $6.25. Research has shown that 1 in 27 people would return the money in this case. Jim was part of the 26.

In the car, Jim recounted this experience and felt a sour sorry for the owner. “The owner is going to cry when he looks at his profit and lost statement. He hires idiots, pays them exploitative wages and doesn’t train them.  That’s why customers only come here as a last resort. However, I’m sure the owner is going to reason to himself “sales are dropping because it’s the recession.”

Are you sure it’s the recession? Are you are customers a “puck in sunny beaches”?


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