The Sweet Sound Of The Truth

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(I wanted to say sweet smell at first, but then too many people have bad breathe, honest people and liars alike)

“The extended warranty is only $100, would you like this delivered with the warranty today or tomorrow”

“Okay, we can do that buy only if you buy the extended warranty”

“If you don’t buy this, anyone can just…..! If you don’t buy that, anyone can just…”  (Waves hands in the hair like a monkey)

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I really heard someone say these. I didn’t make any of them up.

Obviously, the salesman didn’t really care if I crashed my cars immediately after I left the store, so he didn’t tell me I needed the extended warranty nor that he was selling me overpriced software.

What did he expect me to think: I’m going to buy the extended warranty just because he told me?

I hear noise like his too frequently.

Instead of noise, why not sing your customers a song?

Tell him something that he doesn’t hear often. Tell your customers how to save money. Tell your customers that he may not need your service (or more of your service) at the moment.

I’m not saying this because I want you to go to heaven (I do, but that’s a different story), and this isn’t even just for ethics.

In fact, it can increase your business. You’ll gain credibility from your customers because he trusts that you will truthfully tell him everything about the product and not take advantage of him even if you are given the chance.

It makes you stand out amongst those “buy this, buy that or you’re a loser” salesmen.


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