Time Is Money? Not In A Thousand Year!

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Time is far more valuable than money. You can always earn back the 1 million dollars you just lost in the bad economy, but you can never earn ten years, even if bid 100 million per year.

1) What does it say about a company when you hear (technology!) on the phone saying (is that even the right word?) “your call is very important to us, please stay on the line…?”  Doesn’t that sound like “honey, I love you, but tonight I’m going for strippers with my buddies”?

I know, I know, someone will rebuke me with “our staff are all busy servicing other customers?”

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Then you are short staffed, so why aren’t you hiring? Is it because you don’t value customers?

2) Refunds are the norm. Just because a customer wins a refund after arguing with your manager for 2 hour doesn’t make him a happy customer (and the opposite will guarantee word of mouth to spread like wildfire, critical word of mouth, that is). Your customer will feel that he spent two hour arguing for something that was his own right in the first place.
2 a) Your customers deserve more than their money back. They deserve a small compensation for spending time with you on something that wasn’t valuable. Give them 11 dollars back if they spent 10. I bet they will tell their friends about your company, positively. I guarantee it.


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