Do Winners Look Like Winners In Advance?

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You’ve got this great idea to start a restaurant selling fried chicken. Your fortune teller even predicts you’ll die a multi-millionaire (even though you’re already 65 and living on your social security check). Now, you take this idea to your best friend Ron and guess what, he give you this “encouraging” reply:  “you want to start a restaurant selling nothing but chicken? What if a family of four has a daughter that doesn’t like chicken, what does Daddy do, leave her in the car? And even for those that like chicken, do they want to eat it everyday? You’re 65 my friend, time to retire.”

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Imagine for a moment you are Colonel Sanders, how would have handled that situation?

Are you so sure it’s so easy to spot winners in advance? Are you getting discouraged just because someone thinks your idea won’t work?

Don’t believe me? Think about these successful things for just a moment:

Paypal: “Wait, you want me to send real money to website I’ve never heard of? Wait, so if this turns out to be a scam (or if my money gets hacked away), what am I going to do about it. Oh and how the heck am I suppose to send it to someone else again?

What!? You mean they also need a Paypal account for me to send the money to them?

Right, we’re going to get millions of people send their money to a website that they’ve never heard of. In this country, we trust everyone and I’m not a bit worried that something will happen to my money when I send it to an unknown place. Right….

Television: “People have enough pastimes already, so why would they pay for such an expensive machine? You really think anyone is going to invest that much money just to sit in front of this box and watch people? Plus, part of the joy of entertainment is using your imagination. In a radio skit, we can use our imagination to make the characters look like whatever we want to. We can imagine the expressions of the characters in the novels that I read. I’ve got enough things to do with my radio and books, I’ll pass.


4 Responses to “Do Winners Look Like Winners In Advance?”

  1. Diane Scott Says:

    Funny you should mention Paypal. “Back in the day” they were offering five or ten dollars to set up a free account. Now THAT got people’s attention. And they weren’t asking for much in return (things have changed). However, enter “Storm Pay.” Everyone said, “Oh you’ve got to have Stormpay on your site.” Not me. I checked into that company from the get go and it was (at the time) an offshore company. Yeah, right, give all your personal information to an offshore nameless entity.

    I guess my point is you’ve made a great point (and case). It’s how you present it whether it flies online or not 🙂

  2. Eric Says:

    Hi Diane,
    I really appreciate you dropping by my website :). I’ve got a whole list actually of what people originally said about successful inventions like the radio and the computer. It’s quite funny in retrospect. I wonder what other funny things we’ll say next?

  3. Kitchen Sinks Says:

    Thanks For the post……i am agree …great share….i have go through this and i saw that i have learn t so many things from your article….it is very very interesting and weighted..thanks

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