Going Into A Proven Market? Prepare To Get Laughed At

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Imagine you are a teacher and one morning you got this great idea for a class that teaching male students home economics.

You see an obvious need: boys don’t know anything about taking care of their home.

And it’s easy A.

After 2 months of hard working and paperwork, you launch your class with a clear name: “home economics for boys”.

“So today class…class, class, class?” (where are those sunny beaches?)

So, why is your classroom completely empty?

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You’ve been out of school for too long. Seriously, who wants to sign up for a class and call themselves a “boy” when they’re in high school? You know that the classroom is a really public place where I’m going to see peers.

Had you thought in your customers shoes, you would have named the class something like “Bachelor Living”.

Hear how much more masculine that sounds? Yet nothing has changed other than the name.

Your problem doesn’t have to be there’s no market and a clear need doesn’t mean it will sell.

Would you attend a seminar called “becoming a leader for cowards?”

Would you buy frozen food called “Baked chicken for lazy housewives”.

Would you buy a book called “Starting A Business for dummies”.

Oh wait, that’s popular. Never mind :).

Till next time. Ciao.


6 Responses to “Going Into A Proven Market? Prepare To Get Laughed At”

  1. TraceyAnn Says:

    Great site! I would love to be interviewed for your book. Feel free to email anytime!

  2. Mattias Says:


    I would love to be interviewed for your new e-book.Thanks for your invitation to that, just leave me a comment on my blog.


  3. Eric Tam Says:

    Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the kind comment and I really appreciate you dropping by.

  4. Eric Tam Says:

    Hi Mattias,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Please let me know how I can make it better. I will check out your blog too.

  5. Mario Pinnetoni Says:

    Hello, it looks like your site is up and coming in the

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