In Selling, You Can Spin Anything Positively

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Johnny John is the top salesman at Mafia Inc, a large enterprise software company. The CEO of Mafia Inc. Jack Ripper, is a man long rumoured to be a crime lord and whom was recently released from prison after being convicted of six out of eighteen racketeering and fraud charges. As a result, animosity and trust toward Mafia Inc has never been higher and lower (guess which is what?).

So what’s Johnny to do? Fortunately for Jack, Johnny is a very clever but honest man.

Whenever John is asked about his CEO’s criminal convictions, he replies “Yes it’s true that our CEO was convicted of fraud charges, but I’ve watched him for a while and he now seems like a reformed man. But think about it, let’s even say deep down he hasn’t changed at all, he’s going to at least act as if he has because he knows people will be watching him like a hawk. He’ll do his best to please you because he knows he has to make up for his bad reputation. After all, he wants you to trust his business and pay him money right, if nothing else? Would you be stealing from a jar of cookies if you know your parents were watching you tightly? I think the chances are low.”

If you can spin that positively, what can’t you?


6 Responses to “In Selling, You Can Spin Anything Positively”

  1. John Says:

    Goes to show you can spin anything with some proper thought?
    Just remember, no matter how good your salespeople are, you can’t keep customers if you have buggy software.

  2. BW Says:

    It’s a bit interesting how you turned the weakness into a strength just by being a bit creative.

    It still sounds a bit risky, but I’d still give the salesman a thumbs up for being creative.

  3. Ed Says:

    Well, what if the product had to be recalled? How would you convince customers to buy again from your company?

  4. Eric Tam Says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the remind. I wonder why some buggy software still sells though? 🙂

  5. Eric Tam Says:

    Hi BW:
    Yes, true it’s still a bit risky. Not trying to say sales would pour in just because of John.

  6. Eric Tam Says:

    Hi Ed,
    Hmm, good point. In the situation of a recall? Well, they’d have to give me a lot of gifts. No compensation other than a sorry? Take your business elsewhere. That’s me as a consumer.

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