Interview With Maren Donovan, CEO Of Oracle Launch

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Maren Donovan is the CEO of, a new media marketing firm.

Okay so my introduction is possibly the most boring piece of writing ever associated with this girl. Just see for yourself.

Tell us a bit about your business and what’s so cool about it? How did you to do it? How long did it take from idea to launch?

I have a business based around social media marketing and launching off line businesses into a strong presence in the online realm. It rocks because I get to do what I want when I want since I am my own boss, it sucks because my boss is very demanding and is always asking me to work overtime. When I get an idea I go through it in my head, if it is at all viable I start on it immediately and then keep on going until it either fails or succeeds 🙂

As you know, one of the hardest things to do is to get your business noticed, especially without much of a budget. How have you gone around marketing your business? What has been most successful? What didn’t succeed?

Networking offline at coffee shops, cafes, bars and mixers. Social networking online helps a bunch too. I’ve relied on that for 99.9 percent of my marketing… cross that 100% of my marketing.

Do you market your blog differently and separately from your business? If so, can you please describe what worked for marketing your blog and what didn’t. The only thing I do to market my blog is comment on other people’s blogs and try to make myself truly “everywhere” within the niche I am targeting.

Please describe a day in the life of yourself. How many hours do you work on average? Anywhere from 5-10 7 days a week. I am not planning on keeping it this way, but since it is still very much a baby I have to be very involved.

Would you say you’re an early riser? What’s your most frequent lunch(es)? I am trying desperately to be an early riser, but I am an inherently lazy person and if I could would sleep in until noon every day. The last few weeks I’ve been getting up at 8:30 which is like a break through for me. My lunches are whenever my tummy growls and I try to break my work day up into a few hour segments throughout the day.

What skills do you feel are critical to the core team of a company? Abnormal creativity & vision and systems. Systems are so key.

Where have you found most of your early employees and allies? Social media for the allies and foreign job boards for the employees.

What is your approach to solving a difficult problem? Obsess about it until my head hurts, get frustrated, write out the worst, best and most moderate outcome and go with whichever seems most logical.

What do you feel is the smartest thing you did to this day? Spending 5 hours making all of my socia media marketing stuff into systems.

How do you look for smart people and where do you find them? If someone is too eager to work with you or to partner up I worry about them, I judge people’s “smarts” often on how little they talk. Because the smartest people I know ask the most questions. I find smart people less often than I would like but that is because the world is full of fewer smart people than I’d like.

When do you know to keep trying or give up on something? Its a gut thing, if I think “this is an epic fail and I cannot stand to put one more inch of effort into it” I give up, or change direction.

How do you handle stress and failure? Breathing exercises, telling myself to grow a pair and learning from every failure.

What are the 4-5 most important things in your life — the things you love to do and are passionate about?

God, my family, my boyfriend and friends, my business and my own personal growth… number 6: writing.

Where do you see yourself in say 5 years? Having A LOT more experience than I do now, having a lot more money than I do now and being in a very good place.

What tips would you give new entrepreneurs to help them start out on a path to success? Think of the most ridiculous, over the top, awesome life you could dream up for yourself. Then back track through all the things you’d have to do to get there… check for short cuts… and proceed.


6 Responses to “Interview With Maren Donovan, CEO Of Oracle Launch”

  1. Silly Stark Says:

    So… the big conclusion is, use social sites for promoting, be involved in your business with lots of creativity, stick long enough in problems to solve it, and imagine your future of your business to succeed it?

  2. Eric Tam Says:

    Hi Silly Stark,
    Thanks for dropping by again. I think you summed it up really well. And I think another thing just don’t give up. As a friend reminded me today, there’s quote that goes something like “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” (Thomas Edison?).

  3. Silly Stark Says:

    Yeah, I realised that a lot everytime I gave up on something. Now I always consider possible ways and plan ahead before going into something, so that I can refer back into the plan if I failed again.

  4. Edwas Says:

    Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! 🙂


  5. Eric Tam Says:

    Excellent! While it’s certainly easier said than done, I see great things ahead,

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