How Research And Development Works

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Does this describe how research is transformed in your organization?

  • Customer: It is a crock of shit, and it stinks
  • Researcher: It is a container of feces and most unpleasant in smell
  • Manager: it is an earthenware vessel of excrement, and it is very strong
  • Director: It is a vase of fertilizer, and no one can resist its strength
  • Vice President: It contains substances that aid plant growth, and it is very potent
  • Chief Operating Officer: It promotes growth and it is very robust
  • President: Let’s implement this terrifc idea because it will promote growth

From: Guy Kawasaki’s “How To Drive Your Competition Crazy”.


2 Responses to “How Research And Development Works”

  1. MT Says:


  2. Eric Tam Says:

    But it’s true, that’s how a lot of companies operate.

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