Creating Surprise In Marketing

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For example, what is the most memorable marketing (e.g. ad, viral video) you have ever seen?

God gave us eyes so we can see the exciting world. God also gave us legs so we can move. I don’t think God really gave us thumbs so we can change the TV channel, but we use His gift that way.

God gave us feet so we can run away from marketing. Okay, maybe he didn’t intend that either, but as with our thumbs, we got creative. People these days aren’t patiently sitting down and letting you market to them. By the time you get to third boring sentence, they’re running as if they saw big foot. Buy why do they leave so fast, isn’t it impolite?

Maybe. But people still do it because they’re bored. And they’re bored because what they’ll see if predictable.

We’re tired of people trying to sell us things. Everyone tell us we have good service, quality, prices, everyone is even saying that you’ll get a free this and free that for trying (thanks Timeshare for the pollution).

So in order to defend ourselves from pollution marketing, people, including you and me, have developed a Simon Cowell to ding away junk (or more precisely, what seems like junk without any benefit of doubt). And after we’ve dinged, we’re going to leave immediately.

What you need to do to get around Mr. Cowell is to electrify people with something they weren’t expecting.

So how do you surprise someone? I’ll share with you two ways today.

Surprise 1: More than your money back

Money back guarantees are the norm now. Retailers are supposed to give us our money back. There’s nothing surprising anymore.

What if you promised to bark like a dog if you lost the case for your client?

What if you promised that not only will your client get no bill if you consultation didn’t lower his costs, but that you’ll even offer 1000 worth of additional consultation for you.

As well, you’ll wash his car for him.

What if I got a dollar if I asked for a refund for your book? I return the book to you and you give me my money back and 1 dollar just for trying it.

Surprise 2: Present tense

Present tense is the strongest type of sentences. Song writers know this instinctively.

Try it, change a song to past tense and then see how it sounds.

Read these examples below and see which of these sticks the strongest to your mind:
-I have run
-I ran
-I will run

We don’t expect the present tense when we read marketing, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

Stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading!


6 Responses to “Creating Surprise In Marketing”

  1. Arnold Says:

    I think that Carly Fiorina ad with the sheep is really memorable. It’s a little arrogant, but if I was in California, I would really think.
    It might not make me vote for her, but I might vote against the other candidate she was naming.

  2. Jerry Says:

    One good one was car commercial where the company was trying to depict the car as a symbol of youth for men whom already had children. It talked about picking up girls (and then it shows him picking up his “girls” from elementary school).
    Interestingly, I forgot which company ran it 🙂

    • Eric Tam Says:

      Thanks for the response. Not so great for the company if no one can remember whom made the commercial. It’s a common problem with a lot of award winning commercials, apparently.

  3. Silly Stark Says:

    Surprise, eh? Treat them nicely during their visit. Then… after a few days call them to ask of their content to your product. Ask customer too if he wants updates to the latest product that’s he’s interested in.

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