Three More Ways To Surprise Your Customers

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Surprise 3: The Audacious statement

Have you every seen a restaurant recommend by their owner? Now you might think, “someone will think I’m stupidly bragging. Whom doesn’t’ recommend their own restaurant*”

You are afraid someone will be offended? Well then, just look at what everyone else is doing and try to blend in. Don’t worry, no one will notice you.

*actually you’d be surprised. A nameless friend once warned me about eating at his restaurant because he said the food wasn’t good for my health.

Surprise 4: Handwritten And Video Testimonial

Make the testimonials sound as dramatic as possible. Most testimonials sound really templated. Instead, I suggest you write the testimonial (ethically) for your customer and then ask their approval to sign it. Also, ask your best customers if they are willing to make a short video testimonial for them. Return the favour by making a video testimonial for them or one of their customers.

Surprise 5: Humour and Personality.

Most marketing is boring. I would fill my writing with business school buzz word like “value chain”, “customer service”  (doesn’t that usually just mean we’re not doing anything) and “innovation” but  I don’t. If you were thinking of plagiarizing my articles for your college courses, I warn you, you’ll probably bomb. I would never wrote like this in school, and that’s why it’s more interesting. I try to be witty, I don’t try to formal unless I feel it sounds right.

So, what if you’re boss wants “professional” ads. Well, I hope you work at a Fortune 500 company. Otherwise, my crystal ball says your sales will be dismal. But don’t worry, you tried. Just be prepared to take the blame.


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