A Free Way To Differentiate Your Company.

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Send personal letters. Personal letters are an extremely powerful yet extremely underused weapon.

The prime minister has an excuse for using them, as do senior vice presidents of customer service* at CIBC. Small business owners do not. How many small businesses owners mail their customers with “Dear Customer”, even though they have fewer than one hundred customers?

Why squander such a powerful advantage to talk to your customers intimately? Remind your customer in your letters about some kind of personal story you have had together. Talk to them as if you were talking to a good friend. Make them smile, make them laugh. Nothing says I don’t care about you louder than a canned message.

Don’t mistake a personalized letter for a personal letter. Personalized letters are canned messages that the Prime Minister will send you when you volunteer for his campaign to “personally thank you”. You know Stephen Harper did not write you anything. Every other letter sent out to Jane Taylor and Jerry Seinfeld has the same content other than the name.  This says I don’t care just as loudly; it is still a canned message.

Want to see the difference? Just observe these: the first is a personal letter, the second is a personalized letter.

“Mr. Foreman, your gardenia and carnations look wonderful this year. But your roses look as though they can use a bit of help. I can provide that help and bring your roses back to glowing health. “

“Dear Home Gardener, perhaps your garden isn’t as beautiful this year as usual. We offer a full range of garden supplies and expertise to aid you.”

Both are saying the exact same message, but which one makes you feel, better?

Also consider writing handwritten notes. Hardly anyone does them, so when I get t hem I feel special.


*come to think about it, since CIBC has so many vice presidents, each of them must not manage an astronomical amount of customers. So perhaps they have no excuse after all


One Response to “A Free Way To Differentiate Your Company.”

  1. Silly Stark Says:

    Sounds great, Writing as a friend to friend. Where did you get this from?

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