A Sneaky Little Trick Of Threes

Have you noticed that in movie theaters and joints offering food, people ask you “ would you like to upgrade to a large coke” when you order a small?

I almost never bother; I only order the small one.  My friends are the same way.

When I used to work fast food, I was instructed to ask this, but I rarely hear any “sures”. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to seem like a big that I’ve never heard a single girl upgrade to a large anything.

Here’s a little trick many little establishments have come up with. Instead of having two choices,  they have three.

The idea is that if they sell only two types, then I just has a choice between yes and no.  Without anything to think about, you only look at price and buy the lesser one.

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Now, instead of offering you two choices, the establishments offer you three. The middle one is usually called the “regular”. Now, what happens is they hope that you look at the large one and feel it’s dazzling (wow, so much). But, most people will also look at the price think “out of your league”. Yet they will also look at the smaller one and find it unappealing.

Usually, what happens is that you end up looking at the middle choice and feel “ah, this is just right.”

It’s not too big or too small. It is called the regular, so it must also be a safe, popular bet (they’re hoping you follow the lead).

And plus, you just might actually buy the supersize.

You see this in every business, whether they’re selling advertisements or printers.

Do you find this ethical? Please let me know below.


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