Dating Game of Sales

“Will you marry me?”

“But I barely know you”.

So alright, when you’re selling $500 computers, it’s different from marrying someone for life.

But you know how many guys move too fast? Well, they carry these bad habits when they sell things.

They want to get married in the first meeting and then get offended when someone wants to think it over. They don’t realize that after she gets to know you better, she actually might want to marry you.

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It’s the same in sales: you don’t propose marriage on the first date, you take things slowly.

The best way to get to a person is through a mutual friend, no questions about that. That way, they kind of have an idea of how good you are.

Of course, welcome out of the textbook world and into the real world, that isn’t always possible.

So you’ll have to cold call and take a lot of rejections (see my other article). Its part of life, so be prepared to tough it out. There’s a reason why not everyone is rich, and it’s because they won’t want to be.

Next, make sure you make the date fun. I’m not saying you should go to a strip club (although this isn’t unheard of) but you don’t want to bore your date to death with statistics about how great you’re product is. You get turned off when all guys do is brag how good they are and don’t give a damn about you, but that’s how much sales meetings do. Is it a wonder why so few people get overjoyed about them?

If you want to get married, you’ll need to spend time with you. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you but just that they don’t know you well enough yet.

And this is where most salespeople falter. Just because I don’t’ immediately say yes, I’m suddenly on your enemies list.  So slow down the process add courting first.

And who knows, someone might say yes right away, but that’s their decision, not yours.


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