Is It Worthwhile To Cold Call?

“How dare you give me a ticket officer, I pay your salary!”  You’d never hear anyone say this.

“I work at a call center, we make cold calls for people, and I love it,” You’d never hear anyone say this either.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, could you find 10 friends whom love to cold call?

Really, can you?

It’s tough on the psych to get hung up on again and again.

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It’s safe to say that few people love cold calling and should be surprised that people quit cold calling jobs as often as  they quit McDonald’s.

Cold calling isn’t dead, but think twice to yourself whether it’s worth doing. Studies (and my own experience) show that the average sales person will have to spend 5 hours calling prospects before a single one buys. Since these phone calls average about 3 minutes each, it’s an astronomical amount of nos before you reach a single “yes”.

So how much money do you make per sale? You need to know this before you embark on cold calling conquests.

Is it worth the time you invest in? Are you better off dropping flyers or doing direct mail?

As a guideline, I suggest that if you don’t you make at least 5 times the minimum wage per customer a year, don’t prioritize cold calling.

Since you are spending 5 hours on it, you should at least make more than 5 times the minimum wage per sale. And that’s profit, not sale. Selling a textbook for 100 dollars but only making 10 dollars means you’ve made a profit of 2 an hour only. Remember, you can’t just delegate it to someone in a developing country, so use it well.

For those with love, passion, or grit, you’ve got my respect.

Just don’t cold call me at home 😀


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